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Kalina Kalinowska

User Experience Specialist and Service Designer


I am a user experience and service designer, I have worked on various projects like web services, mobile and smart TV applications. In my work I pay particular attention to the simplicity and legibility of my solutions. I am aware that the Internet should be accessible for all, including the elderly or non power users with devices of various capabilities and performance, or finally people with disabilities, for whom the Internet is often the only window to the world.

My work starts with gathering customer requirements and data, mostly through co-creation workshops, where I can work out optimal solutions with stakeholders in a few hours. Then I make sketches on paper. I believe that this is the best way to confront the reality with the ideas about the emerging project. It is also the fastest and cheapest method of carrying out first tests with a user, even if it’s a colleague from the team. Based on that, I create information architecture, user journeys and user flow keeping in mind what is the purpose of the design and who is it for. I also take into account user emotions and user’s perception of stimuli.

Depending on the time, budget or particular project needs I create low or high fidelity wireframes. I think that a mock-up says more than a thousand words, and saves time for the meeting to discuss further requirements.


  • Service design

    for an infertility clinic

    The goal was to reduce patient stress, focus on the patient subjectivity and keep them informed about the possible steps of the treatment process they are undergoing.

    Designed solution

    Focus on the first visit of a new patient. Starting the healing process with the patient’s feeling that he or she is in good hands. Patient is occupied by professionals who are first of all people and are able to notice the needs of their patients.

    Due to the specificity of medical processes, stress can not be eliminated, but negative emotions can be alleviated. One way is to inform about each step, so that the patient is not surprised and feels that he or she is in control.


    Paper leaflet in credit card size with further steps and short description of the treatment. Sms confirming visits and links to web pages informing patients about how to prepare for the visit. Mockups of website with information on the treatment process, how to prepare for the visit and possible medical examinations. Interview scenarios and customer service for registration staff.

    Methodology: design thinking

    Mockups of the “First visit” web page with all the info for the patient gathered in one place.

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  • Workshops and e-commerce

    for online shop with coffee

    Create a subscription store with freshly roasted coffee delivered from the best roaster companies. Coffee will be delivered to the customer in the quantity and time chosen by him.


    Co-creation workshops aimed to focus on the user for whom the solution is being designed. The ideas of each workshop participant were discussed and a single vision of the shop as well as its future development variants were introduced.

    Methods: personas, empathy map, card sorting, design studio


    The mockups were created in 2 iterations. The first after verification at the meeting with investors, have been tested on users. Second iteration of mockups are based on test results on users.

    Method of tests: individual interviews

    Co-creation workshops.

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  • New OTT app project


    New service in the client product portfolio to obtain new customers, increase loyalty index and customer satisfaction.

    Gathering requirements - Workshops

    Workshops were a series of four co-creation meetings during which the solutions for the service were developed. Together with client we created paper prototypes and sketches to define the client’s and user’s expectations for the project. The knowledge gained at the workshops was necessary to define the information architecture of the project.

    Methods: empathy map, personas, card sorting, MoSCoW method, speed boat, KJ method

    Design and vision

    I created interactive wireframes in Axure to present the vision, design principles and content strategy. I partnered with graphic designer to create visual style guide.

    First sketches of the app.

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  • nc+GO mobile app project


    NC+ is a Polish satellite digital platform, the first in Central and Eastern Europe and the third in Europe in terms of available HD channels.

    The biggest challenge was to enable satellite TV subscribers to watch the same content on their mobile devices as on TV, and to increase TV content availability and consumption by a new mobile and web application. Give customers access to the over-the-top television. The new streaming service enables customers to watch TV content online on multiple platforms.

    Designed solution

    I created huge amounts of sketches, paper prototypes and at the end interactive wireframes in Axure to present the vision, design principles and content strategy. I created journey maps, and user flow. I partnered with graphic designer to create visual style guide and consistent user interface. During implementation I collaborated with developer teams and project managers to translate product features for each platform context to conform to client’s requirements and user needs.

    As a result we as a team created web and mobile app, used by more than 500k recurring users. App was nominated to the Mobile Trends Award in Poland as a best app in the entertainment category.


    App screenshots.

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  • Social networking site project


    Onet.pl is Polish first and biggest Internet portal, that is why creating a social networking site for such a huge amount of users was challenging. The main goal was to connect people and change the brand perception by existing portal users.

    Designed solution

    In research phase I’ve made benchmarking by opening accounts on other similar sites, and talking with people. To get to know user better I interviewed users, I also took part in a meetings with stakeholders to gather their requirements.

    Thanks for this informations I was able to create personas, empathy maps, and user journeys. When I knew user, I started creating first sketches, paper prototypes and wireframes. I partnered with graphic designer to create user interface and with developers during development.

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  • Pivoting from TV sales to e-commerce


    Mango.pl is the oldest Polish shopping TV channel that wanted to bring their products to market by improving their secondary sales channel - an online store. The main source of their sales is TV channel and call center. Main purpose of action was to increase conversion by redesigning online store navigation structure, product page and transaction process.


    I led a co-creation workshops with managers and call center employees where we created personas based on sales data and the knowledge gained from call center employees. Personas were then used to create customer journey map.

    Methods: empathy map, personas, customer journey map, brainstorming, card sorting

    Designed solution

    Informations gathered during the workshops led me to create a new information architecture, purchase path of online user, user flow, and navigation.

    First step to redesign navigation was to organise and simplify product categories structure to improve usability of navigation. I used customer journey maps to optimise and clarify transaction process. I created Axure wireframes with new navigation, product page and propositions for the A/B tests.

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